Saturday, December 4, 2010

More prep

Hey troops,
just when I thought I was over being tortured by the Indian Bureaucracy, they got me again.  This is truly precious and a great one for conspiracy theorists.  A while back I got some US dollars loaded on to a card at the Loganholme Commonwealth Bank.  They couldn't get Nepalese or Bhutanese cash.  No sweat.  But they could only get a minimum of $250.00 worth of Indian cash.  I only wanted a hundred or so, but they said to try their main bank in Brisvegas if I was in there at any time because that was where the cash is kept.  I happened to be in Brisvegas last week so I went to the bank and stood in the queue of one for 15 minutes.  Looking around, I could have actually been in Mumbai.  Anyway, Hedrivesfastcars served me.  I couldn't get a lot of English out of him but he decided that because I wasn't Indian, that he couldn't give me Indian cash.  The conversation was long and tedious.  He went to his supervisor, who was sufficiently far away that I couldn't read the name tage, but let's say it was Peanutbutterjars.  Confirmation that I couldn't get Indian cash because I wasn't Indian.  Next consult, let's call him Doubledeckerbus.  Same story.  What can you do?????  I left disappointed but thinking to myself, "Self, what is wrong with this picture?"  I returned to the Loganholme Commonwealth Bank and spoke with a nice lady who immediately ordered me $250.00 worth of Indian cash.  When it arrived several days later, I was half expecting something to spring up out of the envelope with a card saying :"GOTCHA!!!"  No.  It had $9,600.00 Indian Rupees in it.  Sort of an anticlimax really.  Stay tuned.  PS> More of the crew going on this trip had to make pilgramages to Sydney and Canberra to get their visas right.

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