Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hey guys,
a bit more of a sane day today.  Took a trip in an aircraft along the line of the Himalayas.  Makes you feel small.  The captain even calls you up to the cockpit to get a wider view.  The airport was a riot though.  It was just the domestic terminal.  To get in was the walk through scanner and the wand check.  To get to the "departure lounge" involved a pat down search.  To get out of the terminal to the shuttle bus was yet another pat down search.  I suppose it keeps people employed though.
Most of our number have been struck with varying degrees of the squirts.  Some have been laid up for the day.  I should count my self lucky to only be still struggling with the man flu.


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  1. Hi Derek,
    Brommo here. Have finally found some time to access the net and check up on how you are going. Sounds like a hoot?? Keep us posted.